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Christian James is a brand that pushes the limits on fashion. We don't believe in following trends or doing the norm. Instead, we focus on delivering an authentic experience that will allow us to stand out from the rest. We design statement pieces that represent you. You're unique, your accessories should be too.

A man posing with a black durag, graphic tee and vest, adoring a pair of CJ frames. He's also wearing a popular timepiece of the brand called Varsity.

to build a legacy.

While we hope to become a household name, we’re a humble brand that chooses people over profit. Christian James is committed to cultivating community and driving change. Our mission is to leverage business for people of color through community service and career opportunities.

A group photo of two women and two men. All are wearing black crew neck sweaters that say, "Zaddy's Need Love Too." One man has on a Christian James Bucket Hat in black.

you .

At Christian James, we do not believe in ceilings, and we have tailored our collections for all walks of life. Our products are not gendered specific. We’ve made it our responsibility to be a brand pledged to you, more than our bottom line. We care about you and what you do. Every purchase from Christian James is an investment into a meaningful, hopeful future — yours.

A man with a yellow shirt and gold chain, posing with a pair of Nipsey Blue Christian James frames

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